Wake up Your Webinar: 10 Ways to Engage Your Virtual Audience

Did you know that on average only 30 percent of webinar attendees stay for 30-60 minutes, and only 11 percent will stay over an hour? It’s hard enough to get someone to attend your webinar, but how can you get them to commit 45 minutes or more to your event?

The answer is engagement! Once you begin to engage your audience, they stay, they learn and they become valuable prospects to your company.

Ready to learn how the best in class marketers keep their audience glued to their screens and wanting more even after the event is over? Check out our new infographic, Wake up Your Webinar: 10 Ways to Engage Your Virtual Audience, now to learn more.

10 Ways to Engage Your Virtual Audience:

  1. Leverage Video: Use a webcam to present and stream video clips during the presentation.
  2. Partner Up: Leverage the expertise, following, insights or credibility of another presenter or panel of speakers.
  3. Visual Slides: Make slides more visual with large fonts and images.
  4. Use Big Data: Support your content with credible stats.
  5. Get Interactive: Ask your audience questions with polls, surveys and live chat.
  6. Socialize: Give your webinar attendees Twitter hashtags to follow and share.
  7. Master the Q&A: End with a Q&A, but make sure to have seed questions ready.
  8. Make an Offer: Give attendees a free trial, demo, or more information before the webinar is over.
  9. Follow Up: Add content to thank you emails that engage attendees and push them further down the funnel.
  10. Reuse, Recycle, ROI: Post on-demand webinars online and repurpose them for emails with prospects, by using short highlights or creating new content assets.

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