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5 Interesting Flexible Jobs in Marketing and Sales

Whether you’re a gainfully employed marketing maven or a sales phenom, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out on what types of jobs are out there. If you’re in the market (no pun intended) for a new marketing or sales job, these five interesting flexible jobs in marketing and sales just might pique your interest!

Digital Marketing Associate

Under the supervision of the digital marketing manager, you’ll execute email marketing campaigns and maintain the email service provider assets library, templates, groups, lists, and reports. You’ll also help develop templates and guidelines to ensure consistency in the look, feel, and messaging of the brand. You’ll need strong analytical and problem-solving skills, along with excellent organizational skills and hands-on ESP, CMS, and CRM experience.

Senior Marketing Campaign Manager

In this full-time, mostly telecommuting position, you’ll work with teams to translate business goals and objectives from marketing plans into actionable integrated campaign plans that deliver engagement and leads. You’ll also develop and deliver breakthrough ideas and innovative campaigns that attract new buyers through both digital and face-to-face channels. To apply, you’ll need 5+ years in digital marketing and campaign management, have a strong understanding of current digital marketing concepts, and be a natural storyteller who understands what it takes to engage clients.

Digital Content Analyst

The digital content analyst will collaborate with digital marketing leads and cross-functional teams to manage and produce multiple projects. You’ll plan and create schedules, budgets, and key performance reports, as well as brainstorm and discover new ways to improve the company’s tools and processes. An MBA is preferred, along with at least 1-3 years of relevant experience and a background in marketing and commercial execution. This is a freelance position.

Sales Strategist

You’ll collaborate and partner with the senior sales team to cultivate new client opportunities, from initial prospecting to finalist meeting and contract negotiations. You will have a sales segment with a focus on penetrating opportunities with employers between 1,000 and 2,500 employees. In addition to working closely with the regional vice presidents of sales and senior vice president of sales to develop a targeted go-to market approach, you will drive sales productivity and efficiency in defined market assignments. This is a full-time position with some travel and the ability to telecommute.

Pre-Sales Support Specialist

The pre-sales support specialist is responsible for supporting new assessment sales opportunities for priority district-level accounts and facilitating the rate of closing on larger, more complex deals. You’ll develop professional proposals that communicate a compelling solution and effectively communicate the company’s pedagogy, research, features, and benefits. A bachelor’s degree in education or business is required, in addition to 6+ years of successful pre-sales support experience and background. Some travel.

If you’re interested in a marketing job or a sales job, there are many types of flexible work options, including full-time and part-time telecommuting, as well as freelance and contract jobs.

Companies that have hired for sales and marketing jobs include:

American Cancer Society; G6 Hospitality; Amazon; Aetna; General Electric-GE; Kelly Services; SAP; UnitedHealth Group

To land a flexible job in these fields, try these tips:

Fine-tune your flex.

In both the marketing and sales fields, there is a lot of potential for flexible work. But flex isn’t always created equal, and what works for one person’s schedule might not work for yours. So before you dive deep into your job search, take some time to figure out what type of work flexibility you need. Maybe you want a full-time telecommuting job so you can spend more time with your family, or maybe you’re an older worker who wants a part-time position so you can continue on in your career but without the pressure of a 40+-hour workweek. Knowing what type of flex you need can help fine-tune your search and help you land a flexible sales or marketing job that much faster.

Understand your potential employer’s needs.

A boss who becomes a mentor. Room for growth and promotions. Sure, it’s great to know what you ultimately want out of your job, but that’s not enough in today’s job market. In addition to knowing what you want, you should also envision what a potential employer’s needs are, too. Perhaps he needs to hit a certain percentage in sales for 2016, or he needs to establish a presence in a new market. Knowing what your employer wants—and being prepared to address those concerns in your job interview—can put you leagues ahead of your fellow job candidates.

Hit the books.

In going through the job listings during your job search, you might have discovered that your credentials are a little, well, thin. In order to stay competitive, you may have to go back to school or score some new certifications. Don’t let this deter you, though. Making an investment in yourself now will surely pay off in the future with a better-paying flexible job—and work-life balance, too!


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