Selling with Video: So Easy a 12-Year-Old Can Do It

Video is everywhere. From ads online to product demonstrations and customer case studies, video is one of the most powerful tools any company can use to strengthen brand recognition and educate customers on their products—and a powerful tool for sales and marketing reps.

In 2015, research by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs found that 74 percent of B2C marketers and 92 percent of B2B marketers use video in their marketing efforts. And in 2012, online retailer told STORES Magazine that video viewing had a powerful impact on their sales, citing data showing that 33 percent of online sales came from the 13 percent of site visitors who viewed video.

The impact video can make on your ability to market and sell products is clearly powerful—and easy. Selling your product doesn’t always require a professional camera crew. In fact, you could save some serious cash by using a sales accelerator tool. A tool like PGi’s iMeet® Narrate is designed to help sales and marketing reps to better engage with customers, track results and close more deals, faster.

For a sales or marketing rep, using a sales acceleration tool seems like a no-brainer to show off your product or strengthen brand recognition. In fact, iMeet Narrate is so easy to use, one special PGi family member used it to create a video selling Girl Scout cookies. That’s right, selling with video is so easy a 12-year-old can do it!

We wanted take a moment to highlight PGi’s Karisma Olson, Sales Account Manager, and her daughter Bella, who came up with a creative way to leverage iMeet Narrate to promote and sell Bella’s Girl Scout cookies.


Here’s a snapshot of Bella’s successful Girl Scout Cookie presentation on PGi’s iMeet Narrate.


Bella exceeded her goal of selling 151 boxes with final sales totaling to 192 boxes! She finished off leading her troop with sales. Since she sent out her video on January 14th of this year, she has had 153 unique views, and her video was watched a total of 182 times, with 105 viewers sticking around to watch the video in its entirety. All of these analytics were available for Bella through iMeet Narrate’s analytics dashboard so she could track her video’s success.

Clearly a sales champion in the making, Bella also took screenshots of the analytics and posted those to Facebook where she was able to gain additional views of her video and increase her sales.

This sweet success story is a great example of just how easy is it is to use video to sell. With only a webcam and a laptop, sales reps (and Girl Scouts!) can record engaging video-narrated presentations and product demos that bring content to life. Its social selling and content marketing—all in one.

Ready to try iMeet Narrate for yourself? Request a demo to see how easy it can be to sell with video.

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