What Type of Collaborator are You?

Think back to college, sitting in class and being assigned a group project. If you’re like me, you probably just had feelings of frustration and angst rushing back thinking about those awful assignments. But, there’s a point in me bringing up the most dreaded work during your college career, so stay with me!

Each person you worked with had a different way of collaborating. There was the person who wanted to take over and do everything themselves; the person who was ready to collaborate with the team and loved and hearing everyone’s ideas. The over-sharer who gave a little too much information and research, and the super organized person who archived literally everything—just in case. And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite: that kid who never showed up, and when he or she did, they contributed nothing but still got credit—the actual worst.

But besides filling us with internal dread, these exercises actually taught us something pretty valuable: how to work with a group of people who each have different styles of collaborating. That exact scenario happens every day in the work place, regardless of your industry or position.

And because collaborating is kind of our thing, we were curious to see what types of collaborators were out there. With our quiz, What Type of Collaborator are You?, we found some pretty interesting results:

Of the more than 575 people who took the quiz, 46% received the “Boy Scout” collaborator type. This collaborator type is always prepared and willing to pitch in and help with whatever is needed at a moment’s notice. And while he or she may not be getting badges on the way, their willingness to put in long hours and make sure everyone’s ideas are heard is important to any project.

Sixteen percent received the outcome of being a “Nurturer” also known as the enabler. This collaboration type tends to over-share information and research regarding projects, which isn’t a bad thing, but can sometimes derail the team’s efforts if they get caught up in the overabundance of information. These collaboration types are great for making sure your projects are thorough and fully backed by research.

Fourteen percent of those who participated received the “Dictator”. This type of collaborator loves to manage everything from deadlines to final edits. Dictators aren’t bossy as their name may suggest; they just truly care about getting the project done in a timely manner and to the best of the team’s abilities.

“Hoarders” were the next most popular (and happened to be my collaborator type) at 13%. Hoarders are detail oriented when it comes to data, research and version control. They keep meticulous notes on every change that happens just in case someone needs it for reference. Better to be safe than sorry!

And finally, the remaining 11% of respondents got the “Analyst” collaboration type. Analysts have to fully understand each part of the project. Their main goal is streamlining the process by analyzing every detail going forward. With their insanely detailed perspective, they’ll be able to alert you when even the minutest element doesn’t make sense.

All of these collaboration types are inherently important to the success of projects. Without various collaboration types, there would be gaps in the process and completion. So, do you think you know which type you are? You may be surprised! Take the quiz now and find out. Share your results with us on Twitter by tweeting us at @PGi or share in the comments below. Happy collaborating!

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