2016 Future of Business Collaboration eBook

Collaboration is the heart of businesses everywhere, and it’s much more than solutions or products—it’s the combination of people, tools and technology working seamlessly together to help people communicate and work more effectively.

This year’s Future of Business Collaboration eBook focuses on just that–the idea that technology is evolving to help create a more employee-focused workplace, and to help workers everywhere become more efficient and effective in communicating and collaborating.

Experts from Frost & Sullivan, x.ai, Interface, VMware AirWatch and DaVincian Healthcare bring you exciting new insights into this year’s business collaboration trends:

  • Security in the Age of BYOT
  • The Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Future of Workspaces
  • Design of the Workplace
  • The Evolution of Telemedicine

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In his introduction, PGi’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Scott Tapp, writes:

Technology advancements do many things: they help us be more productive in our personal and professional lives, achieve our goals more quickly and innovate at a greater pace. At PGi, driving innovation and the future of business collaboration is an obsession — one that helps us reach our constant goal of meeting the needs of our customers around the world.

When I speak to our customers, I hear directly how CIOs are tackling today’s problems, how they’re always thinking about technology and how it directly affects their business. At PGi, we think the future of business collaboration is governed by choice. In today’s workplace, both employees and IT teams have a say and a say in what tools are used.

From artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to reduce the amount of time spent on menial workplace tasks to the creation of digital workspaces that are taking the user experience and needs to heart, there are many trends that pose new opportunities for improved productivity.

But with these trends comes the need for balance. IT teams must monitor today’s needs and tomorrow’s trends with a new look at security, and a new look at what makes sense for each line of business. Finding the right balance between providing users with the tools they want and the security the business needs is mission critical to staying in line with the overall goals of the company.

Back in early 2013, PGi and a group of industry experts produced the first The Future of Business Collaboration eBook. We covered topics ranging from BYOD (bring your own device) to the consumerization of IT and mobile workforce, and how these trends were affecting the nature of collaboration in the workforce.

Fast forward to 2016, and many of these trends are still relevant. But as time goes on, all of these trends are tweaked by innovation to meet new business needs and align with new paradigm shifts. And because of this, we must always be ready to adapt.

In order to help you understand, analyze and, ultimately, adapt to new trends, we’re proud to present the 2016 edition of The Future of Business Collaboration. This collection of thoughts from esteemed industry leaders serves as an acknowledgment and analysis of the technology trends that are shaping the future of business collaboration.

Get this free eBook today to educate yourself on this year’s business collaboration trends, immerse yourself in eye-opening infographics and reveal the benefits of adopting these trends into your business.

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