Customer Insight Series: A Lesson on the Benefits of Telework

At PGi, we love insights—especially those from our customers. We love learning more about what their daily lives as knowledge workers are like, how they use collaboration technology and more. Understanding our customers not only gives us a peek into how we can create new features or completely new products to address common pain points, but it also gives us insights into the shifting paradigms of the workplace.

In our latest survey to our small and medium business customer base, we wanted to understand what our customers liked and disliked about telecommuting. The results provided some affirmation of what PGi, as a collaboration software and services provider, intrinsically understands but it also generated a few new insights. It is very clear in our survey data that knowledge workers have concerns that their superiors understand exactly how beneficial telecommuting can be. Sounds like we need to arm folks with how to sell the virtual work proposition.

Respondents overwhelmingly wish for more flexibility with telecommuting – 86 percent said they wanted to work from home more. But why is that beneficial to managers and the business as a whole? Because of the increased productivity and hard work that telecommuters dedicate themselves to.

When working from home:

  • A whopping 90 percent of respondents said they were more productive.
  • Of those who were lucky enough to have a manager who gave them the green-light to work from home, 66 percent said they worked longer hours, with 82 percent working more than 8 hours a day.

When we asked respondents why they wanted to work from home more, the number one reason was because they experienced less distractions and felt they were more focused on their work.

We frequently talk about telecommuting as helping people attain a better work-life balance, but there are strong business benefits the enterprises and managers need to consider. Telecommuting gives workers the opportunity to focus on their work and be more productive. So what’s not to love? We’re looking at you managers! Check out the full results of our survey in the infographic below.

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