Driving End User Adoption for UC: An Enterprise Connect Recap

Angelina Beitia, SVP of Customer Success at PGi, spoke to a full room at the annual Enterprise Connect, in Orlando. In case you missed it, check out some of the highlights from Driving End User Adoption for UC.

The common theme in Beitia’s remarks was the importance of understanding the use cases of UC tool end users. Are these end users on the road, or at home? Are they screen sharing or simply using video conferencing? What methods do they prefer when it comes to communicating and collaborating? After segregating those use cases you can then develop an adoption, training and communication plan around those use cases, Beitia suggested.

If you don’t develop plans specific to collaboration use cases, you’ll end up with a ‘vanilla’ plan. With ‘vanilla’ plans, you spread it out like peanut butter – and unlike peanut butter…it’s not very sticky,” said Beitia during her seminar.

According to Beitia, when it comes to the adoption and implementation process, there are four P’s:

  • Personal Environment
  • People
  • Process
  • Product

In Beitia’s experience, almost all implementations start out focusing on the wrong “P’s”. Far too often, it’s the product and the process that hold precedence. And while these are important, the correct approach is actually just the opposite: personal environment and people should be of utmost importance. After understanding the personal environment that end user wants to be in, and how people want to communicate with each other, only then you can identify the process and the product a company needs.

Once these key elements are identified, then a company can move forward with the implementation and adoption process. To make sure a company’s next steps are a success, here are Beitia’s four key tips for success:

  • Have Key Stakeholders: Ensure that you have a team – both internally (Communications, IT, Training) and externally (third party vendors– that is really invested in the success of the project.
  • Utilize Surveys: Survey end users before, during and after an implementation of a UC tool. Also survey end users continually going forward for to ensure strong feedback. Your goal is to identify any troubles your end users are having or any needs not being met.
  • Measurement: Set up metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) early in order to track and how people are using the new solution.
  • Continual Feedback: Feedback loops will tell you if end users are using the new solution, and if they are using it in the way it was intended. If they are using the solution in a different way than you expected, take the opportunity to figure out why.

Beitia’s bottom line? Driving a successful UC adoption is all about the end user. Identify their needs, train, track – rinse and repeat.


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