Latest iMeet Release Gives Customers Choice in Collaboration

At PGi, we believe that work isn’t just a place–it’s an action. From in-person meetings and conference calls, to instant message chats and email chains, there are so many streams to collaborate and get work done. Because of this, we believe that by empowering people with the choice and control of how they collaborate, they will experience better productivity.

The new iMeet® desktop application aims to do just that: unify the choice of collaboration for its users. From new presence and chat features to voice and video meeting options, the newest release of iMeet gives users the experience of choosing how they get their work done, all in one seamless application.

“iMeet gives customers greater control over how they work across teams with all of the communications tools that workers need – in one place,” said David Guthrie, CTO. “People gather in meetings every day, but so much work gets done offline, after the meeting ends. iMeet users can see when contacts are online, store and share files, chat one-on-one or in groups, escalate a chat session to a video call or seamlessly launch an iMeet group meeting. The new iMeet desktop application gives users a choice on how they want to work together, within one app.”

This latest release of iMeet enhances the desktop experience with the following features:

IM and Presence: Need a quick answer from an external contact or an opinion from an internal colleague? With IM and presence, you’ll be able to see who is online and available to chat, saving you time and empowering faster collaboration.

Video and Voice Calling: Using WebRTC technology, iMeet’s HD audio and video calling can take place instantly from a chat session on the instant messenger feature.

Easy File Sharing: With iMeet’s easy file sharing feature, you’ll be able to get files out of email and put them into a personal central repository that can be quickly access outside of a meeting or can be shared in a chat session with any contacts.

Faster Meeting Access: Nothing slows down a meeting more than tons of dial-in numbers and passcodes to remember. With this update, you’ll get your meeting connection details, be able to start your meeting and join another person’s meeting from one screen. No need for pesky additional downloads.

New Contact Features: Add iMeet room owners, register users and other members to your iMeet contact to see when others are online and available.

Simpler Login: We’ve also updated our login flow to allow you to register as an iMeet user.

This release of the iMeet desktop application truly focuses on empowering productivity, enhancing collaboration and ensuring a premium user experience. Is your team ready to experience the new iMeet? Try it now, free for 30 days.

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