25 Productivity Hacks from Top Sales Professionals

Productivity is a major goal for everyone these days. For some, it is the key to promotion, for others it means more free time down the road. In either case, employees at businesses of all sizes and types struggle to work more efficiently and meet the goals aligned with their organization’s strategic objectives.

From getting distracted to not even knowing where to begin, there are countless ways for productivity to suffer. Fear not fellow sales champs, because we’ve compiled a list of 25 productivity hacks from today’s top professionals and included social links for each professional so that you can connect and keep up with them for future insights:

  1. The hardest thing about being productive is not the work, but the split second it takes to decide to take control.” – David Allen, Author and Productivity Consultant
  2. “No multitasking, period!” – Dave BrockSpeaker and Sales Coach
  3. “Weekly review and planning. I capture everything I need to do for the coming week on Saturdays, and I plan my upcoming week on Sundays.”  – Anthony IannarinoSpeaker, Author, and Entrepreneur
  4. “I do the most important tasks in the morning, which is when I’m most creative and productive.” – Joanne BlackFounder of No More Cold Calling
  5. “I meditate. It gives my mind time to let go and re-focus.” – Deborah SweeneyCEO of MyCorporation
  6. “Every morning, I use a form of self-hypnosis to get centered, focused on my goals and excited about what I’m doing.” – Stu HeineckeFounder & President of CartoonLink
  7. “Proactive Time-Blocking — making appointments with myself to tackle important, non-urgent, high-value activity.” – Mike WeinbergAuthor, Founder of The New Sales Coach
  8. “Always be helping. Everyone I interact with. Beyond their expectations.” – John CousineauCEO of Innovative Information Inc.
  9. “At the end of the workday, carve out ten minutes—even if you just want to get out of there—to jot down a to-do list for the next day.” – Jesse Noyes, Director of Product Marketing & Inbound at Kahuna
  10. “When I first read email on my computer or my phone, I flag the important ones with color flags to help me prioritize what needs to get done.” – Denise BrosseauFounder and CEO of Thought Leadership Lab
  11. “If I am stuck on a strategy—I walk. If I am trying to bring a complex idea together—I walk.” – Dionne Kasian-LewCEO Social Executive, Speaker, and Author
  12. “Break the unreasonable down into little reasonable chunks. A big goal is only achieved when every little thing that you do everyday, gets you closer to that goal.” – Maren Kate, Author of Escaping the 9 to 5
  13. “Only plan for 4-5 hours of real work per day.” – David Heinemeier Hanson, Founder and CTO at Basecamp
  14. “Separate thinking and execution to execute and think better” – Sol Tanguay, Professor of Marketing, Ph.D.
  15. “Write down anything that distracts you – google searches, random thoughts, new ideas, whatever. The point is, if you write them down, they’ll stop bubbling up when you’re in the zone.” – Steven Corona, Lead Principal Architect at Bigcommerce, Author
  16. “Only ever work on the thing that will have the biggest impact.” – Jason Cohen, @asmartbear
  17. “If something can be done 80% as well by someone else, delegate!” – John C. Maxwell, Leadership Expert and Author
  18. “Get a reminder app for everything. Do not trust your own brain for your memory.” – Julien Smith, Author
  19. “Its normal to have days where you just can’t work and days where you’ll work 12 hours straight.” – Alain Paquin, Whatsnexx
  20. “Your time is $1000/hour, and you need to act accordingly.” – Jason Cohen, @asmartbear
  21. “I’m a big list-writer. I‘ve been known to refresh it three times a day. It works. I get a lot done.” – Josiane FeigonPresident, TeleSmart Communications
  22. “Doing is better than perfect.” – Facebook company motto
  23. “It’s not about money or connections — it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone when it comes to your business. And if it fails, you learn from what happened and do a better job next time.” – Mark Cuban, Owner Dallas Mavericks
  24. “You shouldn’t focus on why you can’t do something. Which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can, and be one of the exceptions.” – Steve Case, Co-Founder and CEO of AOL
  25. Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellent, intelligent planning and focused effort.” – Paul J Meyer, Author


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