At the Corner of Create and Collaborate: A CMO’s Guide to Managing Marketing’s Newest, Busy Intersection in the Enterprise

Say “goodbye” to the marketing silo. Gone are the days when the marketing team solely focused on ad campaigns and only worked with their agencies.

While Marketing has always owned the brand, today owning the brand has evolved into a much broader role of owning the sum of the customer experience – requiring marketers to work with a larger group of stakeholders including: Sales, Customer Service, Product, IT AND their agency partners.

The challenge marketer’s face in effectively collaborating is perpetuated by changes in the workforce, with more disparate workers and mobile workers. According to a Frost & Sullivan survey 84% of companies employ remote workforces and nearly 25% have more than half of employees working outside their offices.

So how well is your marketing organization collaborating with these key stakeholders?

A survey from Appleseed Partners reported that 7 hours per week per employee was wasted due to ineffective collaboration because the primary tools used are: email, spreadsheets and phone calls. This adds up to 350 hours or nearly nine weeks a year!!

Collaboration is an integral part of marketing. In order to stay ahead of the curve, marketers must continuously adapt to the changing landscape of collaboration solutions in the market. Marketing collaboration tools are ultimately a necessity to effectively support all of an organization’s strategies, initiatives and objectives. There are a wide variety of tools available today, and sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. Whatever the solution or platform may be, leveraging these tools to their full potential is key to enhancing productivity and innovation across the marketing organization.

Improvements to meetings and project management are two initiatives that can immediately begin to yield better collaboration results. PGi offers a variety of marketing collaboration solutions that will transform the way marketing teams operate and achieve success.  Here are a few tech tips for marketers to improve their meeting efficiency and make project management easier:

Meeting Efficiency

Meeting efficiency is crucial for marketers who spend most of their time juggling the many deliverables and projects that successful marketing operations require. When you have efficient, productive meetings, you help to eliminate those boring, unproductive meetings that we so desperately try to avoid. Choosing an all-in-one tool, such as  iMeet®, will provide users unlimited potential to conduct the most efficient meeting possible. iMeet gives you a more engaging conferencing and collaboration solution for team meetings, brainstorming and presentations. Here are a few tips to increase your meeting efficiency:

Go virtual with easy access – Host an online meeting when you can’t be there in person or have a dispersed team. Employ a solution that doesn’t require passwords or complex sign-on processes, where guests can join with just one-click access so the meeting can begin right away.

Video meetings – Real-time video can help you communicate your ideas immediately and also allow users to see and understand the presenter clearly in HD quality. This is a great way to present concepts and read the nonverbal ques of your attendees. In addition video provides for a more personal connection particularly if you have remote teams.

Screen Share and File Share – Creative teams often work with large files and with iMeet you have the choice to share your screen to present creative concepts or to host in a central file repository that your guests can access directly without having to deal with sending large files via email and having to deal with firewall issues.

Record Meetings iMeet allows you to record meetings for those who can’t attend. When launching a new program or campaign, Marketing can use iMeet to present virtually and then record for anyone that cannot attend the meeting. A link to the recording can be sent to anyone following the meeting to keep all stakeholders informed.

Project Management

In a typical marketing organization, there are multiple projects going on at a time to support a wide variety of objectives and activities, usually involving many different stakeholders and team members. Project management solutions should make it easier for project managers, allowing greater collaboration between team members and increased output. When marketing collaboration is fully realized with a solution such as iMeet® Central, great things start to happen – project efficiency, streamlined workflow and team collaboration. Consider these tips to make managing projects easier: 

Assign deliverables and due dates – Project Managers can easily create a project plan and assign tasks and deliverables and house that within the team workspace within iMeet Central so all stakeholders and team members can stay abreast of the progress. You can also set auto reminders for deadlines and deliverables.

File version control – all reviews and edits can be made in the cloud and you never have to worry about whether you are reviewing the latest version of the document. This provides a huge productivity and efficiency benefit when you have numerous reviewers and tight deadlines.

Telecommuting –With a centralized workspace in the cloud team members can work more creatively and freely when not confined to their desks. In addition, iMeet Central is integrated with iMeet so if you have to hold an impromptu virtual meeting to discuss edits or comments to a document, you can do so on the fly!

Tired of managing projects through email and spreadsheets? Try iMeet® Central for Marketers for free, today.

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