Webcasting Solution Improves Global Employee Engagement for Belden Inc.

For well over one hundred years, Belden Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of networking connectivity and software products for enterprise, industrial, broadcast and security markets. The St. Louis-based company has a large global presence with 9,000 employees on nearly every continent. With such a strong global presence, however, Belden struggled to fully meet its goal of being a world-class company in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

Already a PGi customer, Belden knew it could rely on PGi for a cost-effective solution that would better communicate corporate updated and keep its executives in front of associates around the globe. iMeetLive®, PGi’s intuitive webcasting platform, quickly became the solution and standard method of communication to power its goals.

Belden utilizes iMeetLive to produce live streaming town halls to keep its associates in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia engaged with the company’s executives. Using iMeetLive, Belden has been able to reach its global network of employees through HD video and audio. The reliable, consistent experience during each town hall has not only impressed their CEO, but their employees as well.

“Not only is it easy for me to set up these web events, but thanks to the great user experience, employees from all over the globe are asking how they can use iMeetLive in their offices.”

-Michelle Foster, Corporate Communications Manager

For their smaller internal meetings, Belden also relies on another PGi product, GlobalMeet®. The web conferencing platform is Belden’s only IT-approved web conferencing solution and it has helped many employees with internal project management and updates, as well as training sessions. With GlobalMeet, Belden has experienced faster collaboration and more productive meetings.

“The consistency of use is a big thing for me. By using GlobalMeet, I’m able to meet with my teams and collaborate faster, making my meetings a 10 on the productivity scale,” said Michelle.

With employees across the world, Belden has found it much easier to utilize PGi’s webcasting and web conferencing solutions. From internal meetings to large corporate town halls, Belden has found a solution to achieve their communication goals.

Read the full Belden Inc. case study here.

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