The American Workhorse: How to Work Smarter Not Longer

Working smarter is an art form, a science, and most of the time a healthy dose of both. Some of us are simply better at working smarter and make it look easy to those not in the know. Working smarter helps to avoid overworking and under producing. When it’s done right, you reap the benefits of more time to focus on what’s important, accomplish your tasks with ease, and looking like an all-star to your co-workers and peers.

Are you ready to learn how to work smarter and take some of the struggle out of your routine? Consider these tips and practices:

Prioritize tasks

First off, forget the concept of multitasking – it doesn’t work. It only slows you down and wrecks your focus. Take a look at the whole of what needs to be accomplished, break tasks and milestones into individual blocks and follow a deliberate plan to complete them. Low priority items should be eliminated as they can grow into dangerous distractions. Also, resist the urge to respond to each and every email immediately as it comes through. Set aside a single, dedicated time of day to read and respond to all of your emails in one session.

Brevity is the soul of wit

Rambling on and using too many words to express a simple concept can waste everyone’s time, including yours. Get familiar with expressing your ideas in fewer words, and consider eliminating any non-essential content. Effective communication ensures that the ideas and concepts that are typically lost in translation are delivered clearly without issue or complication. The same concept also applies when asking questions – only ask exactly what you need answered.

Take care of yourself first

As we’ve discussed before, getting the appropriate amount of rest is crucial for all of us. By not working smarter, we allow the stresses of overworking to creep in and lead to all manner of problems from health and emotional issues to poor performance in the workplace. Take breaks periodically, whether at the office or working from home. Taking a break allows your brain to reset and re-engage with a renewed sense of focus and drive. In addition, be able to recognize the point of diminishing returns and be realistic about what gains you can realistically make.

The social ladder leads to great heights

Being social in the workplace builds relationships that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without the interpersonal communication that occurs when you interact with your co-workers and peers. From sharing jokes to chatting it up about current events, try get to know the people you work with. Making quality connections with others greatly increases the chances of them helping you when you need it most. The politics of the office environment can have a great effect on not only your day-to-day routine, but your career path and advancement opportunities. Making friends at work is not only strategic, it is crucial to success in any organization.

Consider productivity tech

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