iMeet Agenday 2.6 Makes Managing Meetings Easier Than Ever

At PGi, our aim is simple: we want to make your day-to-day workplace collaboration as seamless and efficient as possible. We want to give you the tools to conduct and manage flawless meetings and, in the ‘always-on’ environment of modern technology, it is crucial that our services are available on the go and on any device.

Managing a busy schedule is already tough. Staying organized when your meetings and appointments are spread across multiple calendars can be a living nightmare. With iMeet Agenday, the hassle of juggling calendars is alleviated as iMeet Agenday syncs all your calendars and puts them in one place.

Since its inception, iMeet Agenday has provided users with the utmost calendar efficiency available with the swipe of a finger and now we are excited to roll out iMeet Agenday 2.6. The new version has some great features to help you manage your chaotic schedule.

  1. GlobalMeet Integration: The latest iMeet Agenday update seeks to improve accessibility for GlobalMeet users. GlobalMeet users can now enter the e-mail address associated with their GlobalMeet account when logging into Agenday. Agenday will then automatically sync their conferencing info to the app’s saved conference service. The upgrades to Agenday will also make your virtual meetings easier to organize, as meeting invitations and ‘Meet Now’ text messages will now include your complete numbers list.
  2. Color-Coded Calendar Organization: The latest Agenday update also includes color-coded calendar organization, making it that much easier to identify and differentiate between your meetings and feel organized. Agenday users can now easily differentiate between calendars on the agenda list with color-coded indicators located in the lower left of each event cell.

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