IT Insight Series: When IT is Agile

The role of IT is undergoing a significant change. Today’s IT teams aren’t just tasked with connecting servers or scolding employees for writing their user names and passwords on Post-it® notes. Now, more than ever, IT teams are becoming agile problem solvers and key partners in the overall strategy for businesses.

In this edition of our IT Insight Series, we’ll dig into the critical challenges and the substantial opportunities that IT are facing as their organizations re-think the way they work together. From understanding the challenge of organizations’ frenzied pursuit of innovation and the challenges of keeping far-flung team members firmly entrenched in your inner circle to how technology can change the face of meetings when team members are dispersed around the globe, we’ll help IT members tackle these challenges head-on. And as an added bonus, we’ve pulled back the curtain on how PGi’s own IT culture has shifted and evolved in a more agile team.

Read more about the challenges today’s IT teams face, and how they are turning those challenges into opportunities with our latest edition of the IT Insights Series, When IT is Agile.

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