IT Insights Series: Establishing IT Credibility Across an Organization

Shadow IT, characterized as systems or solutions adopted inside an organization without IT approval, is a trend that has been making waves in IT departments in recent years. It has grown out of  the need for teams and individuals to explore their own solutions to address unique line of business problems.

Clearly, this poses a number of risks for the organization as users bypass IT approval. In order to create and maintain credibility across the organization, IT teams must understand shadow IT and how they can take turn the challenge into an opportunity for better communication and relationships with various lines of business.

In the latest edition of our IT Insights Series, we’ll provide a point of view to help IT professionals address the topics and trends—like shadow IT—that are directly impacting their teams. Specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • Why IT and LOB buyers need to work closely together
  • Understanding what LOB teams need for their unique situations
  • Why IT must build and maintain a strong relationship with all lines of business

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