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9 Productivity Tips to Pull You Out of Your Summer Daze

As days get longer and temperatures get hotter, it’s easy to lose focus on the job. Whether you’re daydreaming of being on the beach or simply slipping into a heat-induced summer daze, it’s easy to fall prey to lazy habits and inefficiency in the office during the summer months. That dreaded lazy summer daze can be combated with the right set of tools, though, and increased efficiency means more opportunities to partake in the fun summer activities you love. So arm yourself with these handy productivity tips and take your summer back into your own hands.

37. Turn on your webcam during a virtual meeting. It forces you to pay attention, retain the information, have a more efficient meeting and reduce double work later on.

38. Identify your productivity pain points. What is your biggest distraction? Sometimes just by acknowledging our road blocks, we are able to more easily overcome them.

39. Synchronize all your calendars. Too many planners and calendars can lead to unnecessary stress and confusion.

40. Take notes! Consider using a notetaking software like Evernote, which syncs your notes across all your devices.

41. Track the time you waste. Apps like Time Doctor analyze your computer activity and report on how much time you waste on the Internet. Seeing concrete data about your bad habits is a great way to motivate you to fix them!

42. Schedule less. A jam-packed calendar can leave you always feeling behind.

43. Be realistic about how much you can accomplish in a day. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a failure simply because your daily to do list was a pipe dream.

44. Plan time for the unexpected. Ad hoc tasks can often ruin work flow, so plan in time for handling fires that will inevitably pop up.

45. Find silence. Although this can be challenging in the office environment, research shows that silence is good for your brain.


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