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“Two Sides of the Telecommuting Coin”: A Telecommuting Checklist for Remote Workers and Their Managers

As the popularity of remote work continues to trend upwards, the particular trials and tribulations of the telecommuter become more defined. But the spotlight is often placed on the plight of the remote worker, which fails to examine the other side of the telecommuting equation. PGi’s Two Sides of the Telecommuting Coin: Remote Work Tips for Teleworkers and Their Managers is a comprehensive telecommuting checklist for remote workers and their managers designed to help remote teams develop a a symbiotic telecommuting relationship that satisfies all parties involved.

A harmonious relationship between teleworkers and their managers is crucial to facilitating an environment where telecommuters reach peak productivity and peak happiness simultaneously. Just as remote workers face obstacles adjusting to telecommuting, so do their managers.

Two Sides of the Telecommuting Coin takes a look at the challenges of telecommuting – and how to overcome them – from the perspective of teleworkers and the managers who oversee them.

For more information on stepping up your telecommuting strategy, check out our Two Sides of the Telecommuting Coin remote work checklist below.

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