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9 Productivity Tips to Help You Feel Better and Work Harder

One of the biggest productivity flaws in my personal routine used to be hitting the snooze button. I admit I still fall victim to haphazardly fumbling for the snooze button sometimes, but once I trained myself to become a morning person, I found that this instinct eventually subsided.

My coworkers constantly joke that I’m an elderly person trapped in a 20-something’s body, but because I set strict bedtimes and early morning wake up calls for myself, I find that I really do have a lot more time in my day to get things accomplished. If you’re a snoozer, like I once was, start trying to get yourself into a strict sleep schedule, and I promise mornings will become much easier. You’ll have time to get things done, won’t feel rushed and honestly, you’ll feel a little more relaxed by the time you make it to your desk. You don’t have to be in bed by 10 pm every night like me, but the more sleep you get, the easier it will become to get up in the morning, feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever your day has to throw at you.

Check out more of our productivity tips to get the most out of your day:

73. Don’t hit the snooze button. By willing yourself to get up, even just 15 minutes earlier, you jumpstart your day.

74. Take breaks. When you feel your energy level dropping and your ability to focus declining, take a quick break to revitalize.

75. Turn off pop-up notifications on your mobile device and computer.

76. Aiming for perfection on every task is only harming your flow. Once you complete a task, move on; if truly necessary, you can come back and edit later.

77. Make your office your home! Add pictures, flowers and other personalized touches to make work feel less like work.

78. Change up your routine. Getting out of the same daily habits can help you re-prioritize the tasks on your checklist.

79. Complete your most dreaded task first.

80.Invest in house plants, which improve concentration and memory by as much as 20%.

81. Think about your floors! Carpet can be a major contributor to indoor allergies, which make it more difficult to breathe and feel productive.

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