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9 Productivity Tips to Help You Perform at Peak Capacity Every Day

Maximizing productivity isn’t a one-size-fits all task. Everyone works at a different pace and has an array of variables that plays into what makes them most productive. That’s why we have aimed at hitting every end of the spectrum when it comes to helping you, our readers, get the most out of their work day. From streamlining your morning routine before the office to making sure you mark off everything on your workday to-do list, we’re continuing our series of productivity tips. Check out this latest edition of our series to help ensure your performing at peak capacity every day:

64. Read David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” book.

65. Take shorter showers and use your extra time to get ahead at work.

66. Tell other people about your goals — it will help you stay accountable to them.

67. Find a mentor. Having someone else to give you advice can help you crack that problem you’ve been trying to solve.

68. Shop online — there are so many great delivery services (including Instacart!) that could save you time.

69. Learn to speed read. By skimming the content you are consuming, you can get a macroperspective at a faster pace.

70. Set a timer. Sometimes racing the clock for a task can keep you focused on one thing!

71. Don’t forget the breakfast of champions! Never skip a good breakfast.

72. Maintain optimal humidity. Indoor humidity should be at between 40 – 60% to minimize mold and dust mites.


To learn more ways to maximize your productivity, check out last week’s installment of Summer Hours Productivity Tips and keep your eyes open for more tips and tricks coming your way next week.

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