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Infographic: PGi’s Summer Hours Survey Reveals How Respondents Would Utilize 90 Extra Minutes In Their Work Week

With the summer quickly approaching its end, you might be feeling the pressure to make the most out of your remaining days in the sun. PGi is here to help you enjoy the end of summer with our Summer Hours campaign.

Our Summer Hours campaign has one goal: to allow you to enjoy more of your summer by freeing up 90 minutes in your work week to do the things you love. When life gets hectic, 90 extra minutes in your work week can make a huge difference for your peace of mind.

We’ve been bringing you weekly productivity tips all summer to help you maximize your efficiency during the workday to free up more time in your schedule. With a smattering of productivity tips now in your arsenal, we bring you the results of our Summer Hours Survey so you can see how your comrades in productivity would utilize an extra 90 minutes in their work week.

In a pulse survey, we asked our PGi customers what they would do with 90 extra minutes of free time in their work week this summer. Check out the highlights of the survey in our Summer Hours infographic and learn how you can close out your summer with a bang.

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