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Introduction of iMeet 5.0 Comes to Life Using Well-Known Rugby Scrum Method

Scrum – Noun: A play in rugby in which players are strategically aligned with heads down and arms interlocked, while pushing forward. 

Rugby, a growing pastime in the U.S., has always been a rugged sport that requires an incredible amount of teamwork, strategy and resilience when it comes to accomplishing the goals of the team. Rugby teams use the scrum method as a means to restart a play. It’s a way to quickly identify key opportunities and refocus the players for the next play in a short amount of time.

That’s why it’s no surprise the PGi iMeet® product team has leveraged this rugby approach of “heads down” and “push forward” to drive home one of their latest product initiatives.

Working in two-week agile intervals, the iMeet product team has brought forth iMeet 5.0. iMeet now utilizes HTML5 to provide even faster load times and greater security to connect and collaborate. With the addition of Dolby Voice®, iMeet users that connect via VoIP audio will hear sound quality that mimics natural conversation and feels more like an in-person event.

iMeet 5.0 features include:

  • Security: iMeet 5.0 will eliminate security issues and browser challenges that come with the reliance on Flash.
  • Faster meeting starts: HTML5 will enable faster load times to provide an optimal meeting experience.
  • Unmatched, high-definition audio quality: VoIP users will experience crystal clear audio richness, noise reduction, spatial voice separation and simultaneous speech through Dolby Voice technology.

Like any successful rugby team, PGi knows what it takes to get the job done. Our two-week agile sprints and our multi-functional teams allow us to drive home our commitment to innovation and excellence while delivering on new initiatives for our customers.

Upgrade your iMeet room to include HTML5 and Dolby Voice now at no charge.

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