What Type of Collaborator Are You? Find Out With PGi’s Collaboration Personality Quiz

We live in a world where knowledge equals power, and when it comes to collaboration, this same concept applies. At PGi, one of our main goals is to facilitate collaboration, and because of this, we’re constantly searching for ways to make your collaborative efforts run even more smoothly.

And to help you achieve effortless collaboration, we first must understand the intricacies of your collaboration needs. This desire to better understand your needs was a driving force that led to us to conduct an multi-national collaboration survey of more than 1,000 knowledge workers from small, medium and large companies in a variety of sectors.

The survey revealed five distinct collaborator personalities amongst these knowledge workers, with each type demonstrating unique tendencies when it comes to their collaboration habits and needs.

Based on our survey results, we have created a Collaboration Personality Quiz (note: quiz no longer active) that will help you identify your unique collaboration type and provide you with valuable insight into your collaboration habits to help you leverage your strengths, understand your individual needs and collaborate more effectively with your peers.

Once you’ve gained a better understanding of your collaborative needs on the individual level, the next step is to learn about the ‘collaborative mix’ of personality types in your workplace. To complement our Collaboration Personality Quiz, we have also created a Collaboration Diagnostic Survey (note: quiz no longer active) based off of our study that will help business professionals pinpoint key collaborative segments within their own company, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions about their collaborative solutions.

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity or decrease out of pocket expenses, PGi’s Collaboration Diagnostic Survey will give you detailed insights into what your company needs in a collaboration solution and allow you to understand more about your users in order to better frame your purchasing strategies, budgets and collaboration requirements.

In the business world, collaboration is a team effort. It takes more than simply knowing your collaborative strengths to succeed; you must also be able to harness those strengths and utilize them in combination with the collaborative capabilities of your colleagues.

Take PGi’s Collaboration Personality Quiz (note: quiz no longer active) today to learn your collaboration type and gain access to relevant resources to guide you on your journey towards better collaboration. Then, share our Collaboration Diagnostic Survey (note: quiz no longer active) with your colleagues to learn how your team can best collaborate together. Knowing your personal collaboration type—and how the that type relates to the collaborative personalities in your workplace—will set you up for success and ensure that you are part of a collaborative network that functions in harmony.


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