National IT Pro Day

4 Tips from Our IT Team on Working Together

Working in IT isn’t glamorous. There is a lot of hard work, research and problem solving that goes into working as an IT professional, and more often than not, these professionals are under-acknowledged or unrecognized by the rest of the organization.

Today, on National IT Professional Day, we wanted to give our readers a little more insight into what it’s like to be an IT professional. We sat down with a few people from PGi’s own help desk support team to hear straight from them about what users can do to make working together with IT a little easier. Check out these four tips on how you can streamline and simplify with your IT team the next time you need their support:

1. Make Sure You Can’t Solve it Yourself:

IT professionals know everyone is not going to be able to solve their own tech problems; after all, that’s why we have IT teams in the first place. But before you run down to the IT department for help, do a simple check: make sure everything is plugged in, all of your cables are connected and make sure your password is correct!

It may sound logical, but a good majority of the time, simple hardware issues can be solved by doing these type of “low tech” checks. As Jamal Pearce, IT Deskside Support Specialist, says, “The first rule of IT is to make sure everything is turned on and plugged in correctly.” Having software issues? “Always reboot before you give us a call. majority of the time, a simple reboot will help correct a software problem,” says Mike Hawkins, Deskside Support Lead.

2. Be Patient, Support Takes Time:

If you can’t seem to resolve the issue yourself, then it’s time to call in the professionals. But remember, support takes time. “If there’s a major issue, sometimes finding the solution can take hours,” says Mike. Not all IT fixes are simple and quick, so the next time you call on your IT department for help, be patient and respect their time.

Just like you, these professionals need time to do research, understand, diagnose and solve the issue. They’re aware that working without your laptop or desktop can hinder your productivity, but without giving them the proper time to solve your problem, you could be without a functioning piece of equipment completely.

3. Remember, They Have Budgets Too:

One thing many users don’t always remember about IT is they have budgets too. “We know that technology is always changing, but we can’t afford to give everyone in the company a brand new iPhone or laptop each time there is a massive update. It’s just not plausible,” says Jamal. IT pros are like any other department and must balance expenditures on equipment, software and services.

4. They Aren’t the Bad Guys:

Being an IT professional is not an easy job. Our own help desk team spends a fair bit of time diagnosing and troubleshooting issues. IT pros must consider not only how to keep your computer safe but also how to keep the company safe from potential threats. Sometimes keeping equipment and systems safe means that your favorite website or music player may get blocked. But don’t blame IT and position them as the bad guys.

The next time you’re having some sort of hardware or software issue, remember the above tips. IT professionals can’t wave a magic wand and fix everything in just a few minutes, and they may have to take preventative measures to keep your computer and the company safe. But that doesn’t mean they’re the bad guys! Just like you, they love what they do and should be thanked for their hard work.

So don’t let today be the only day that you recognize your IT teams. Continually thank them for their support in keeping your company operations running—and don’t ask them to help you change a lightbulb at your desk (yes, that actually happened to Jamal more than once!).

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