“The Science of Sound” White Paper: How Audio Quality Affects Brain Function

Since its inception, PGi has had a vested interest in bringing you the best audio possible to give you an exceptional conferencing experience.  Our dedication to top-notch audio quality goes beyond our desire to facilitate communicate and collaboration amongst our end users; our commitment to high-quality audio is also backed by science. Hearing is a delicate sense, and when you partake in an conference with poor-quality audio, it actually has a negative impact on your brain.

Poor-quality audio can cause an array of problems on a conference call, from distracting background noises to meeting interruptions and glitchy, garbled audio. These are more than just nuisances, however, as these distractions can also hinder your brain’s ability to function at a high level.

In PGi’s latest white paper, The Science of Sound, we delve into the science behind how we hear and how poor audio quality can adversely affect your ability to learn, create and problem solve. Check out The Science of Sound and learn how what you hear can impact how you work.


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