iMeetLive Releases New Update

In PGi’s continued efforts toward innovation in the unified communications and collaboration marketplace, we are constantly aiming to ensure our product offerings are up to date with the latest needs of our customers. Recently, our robust and full-spectrum webcasting platform, iMeetLive®, rolled out a new update for users.

The update features the ability to rename both custom HTML and system feature tabs, as well as reorder and set them to open or close by default. In addition, the “Ask a Question” tab now includes the “Answered Questions” section, which can be hidden as well.

Further, iMeetLive’s landing pages have been updated with a new layout featuring a new call to action button above the fold. Users can use the extra space to showcase speaker photos, even graphics and more details on the landing page. Registration and login forms now pop up over the page for quick and easy registration on any device.

And finally, users can access more detail about their viewers including their device type, operating system, browser and IP address. These features are aimed at enhancing the user experience by helping our customers navigate and customize the iMeetLive platform. In addition to these upgrades, our users can expect to see more enhancements coming in the near future thanks to the power of HTML5, which allows for development to happen more quickly.

iMeetLive continues to evolve as an industry-leading webcasting product, and one chosen by some of the largest brands and partners in the industry. From corporate town halls and streaming events to live and on-demand external webcasting events to share product updates or generate demand generation, iMeetLive continues in striving to become the leading choice in webcasting solutions for all industries and lines of business.

iMeetLive makes it easy to create professional quality webinars and webcasts for audiences as small as 50 to as large as 10,000 people. Take a free trial today to experience the power of iMeetLive.

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