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PGi Announces New Event Conferencing Platform

From investor calls to corporate town hall events, when there are hundreds or thousands of global stakeholders on the line for high-touch calls, it’s imperative to have a secure, reliable audio connection. That’s where operator-assisted conferencing solutions play a critical role and why we’re proud to announce upgrades to PGi Event Conferencing.

The new Event Conferencing refreshes and standardizes the way we globally deliver a consistent large event experience for our customers. Customers can now schedule large-scale conference calls on a new user interface with the option to screen share their presentations.

PGi Event Conferencing has improved upon its industry-leading operator-assisted performance by offering greater:

  • Global Consistency
  • Security and Reliability
  • Conferences Staffed by Award-Winning Event Professionals
  • Scalability and Branding Capabilities

In addition to these base features, customers can now have access to a new Slide Assist package that allows presenters to share PowerPoint presentations while displaying the speaker’s headshot and company logo, improving the presentation experience.

“PGi customers and partners depend on us to orchestrate flawless large events such as town hall meetings or investor relations calls. We understand that these high-profile events must be carefully managed and delivered,” said Michele Dobnikar, EVP customer care, PGi. “As one of the global leaders in operator-assisted conferencing and trusted by some of the largest brands in the world, our new Event Conferencing services and packages will extend our lead as a large event conferencing provider.”

For more information on PGi’s new Event Conferencing services and packages, click here.

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