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PGi’s Survival Guide to Workplace Zombies

Far too often employees can fall into a trap of being unmotivated, unproductive and just plain disgruntled with their jobs. These symptoms are a cause of a virus that can easily turn your employees into Workplace Zombies. Learn more from PGi about how to prevent the virus in your workplace:

Step 1: Motivate

One of the first symptoms of a Workplace Zombie infection is lack of motivation. To combat this symptom, create a system of rewards or recognition. Even the most lazy, unenthusiastic employee will respond positively to merits and recognition for the work they complete. Whether the reward is big like an increase in pay or something smaller, like verbal recognition, making sure your employees feel they are needed in the workplace will fight off lackadaisical attitudes.

Step 2: Offer Flexibility

According to PWC’s NextGen: A Global Generational Study, 64% of Millennials would like to occasionally work from home, and 66% of Millennials would like to shift their work hours. To keep your younger employees more engaged and motivated in their positions, consider offering some flexibility to their schedules. Allowing them to work during the hours they know they are most productive will ensure they are working at their highest capacity and staving away any feelings of discouragement in their position.

Step 3: Communicate

Without proper motivation, a Workplace Zombie is only going to be working on short-term goals. Make sure you’re not only issuing praise for their work in the present, but also communicating a set of long-term goals for them to strive toward. Rather than just focusing on day-to-day, tedious tasks, you can provide them with future objectives to complete. Once they have their eyes set on an end goal that will have tangible impacts on the business, they’re likely to feel more motivated and appreciated for their work.

Step 4: Be an Example

Managers, no matter how hard they try, can fall victim to the same disinterest in their work, and this is how the virus infiltrates even the most positive team members. You, as the manager, are essentially the virus’s antidote. Setting an example by continuing to remain outwardly positive is the best way to keep employees from suffering through the Workplace Zombie virus.
To keep your team from suffering through an outbreak in Workplace Zombies, use our four tips! What are your tips to keep your team motivated and engaged? Join the conversation on Twitter by tweeting to us @PGi.

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