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Five Thank You Notes for Your Coworkers

All too often, we get wrapped up in our own lives and forget to show gratitude for the people around us who make our lives (and jobs) easier every day. Simple acts of gratitude can go a long way, especially when it comes to recognizing your coworkers for all their hard work and efforts. So, before you head off to the Thanksgiving holiday, make sure to give thanks to your coworkers for all their support and efforts this year! Check out our five thank you notes to get you started. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Dear Colleague,
    My ideas couldn’t come to life if they weren’t encouraged and endorsed by colleagues who are supportive like you. Thank you.
  2. Dear Coworker,
    Your enthusiasm and passion are the toughest benchmark to beat. Thanks for being the life of the workplace
  3. Dear Colleague,
    Good teamwork is when colleagues realize that working together is the easiest way to be successful. Thanks for always being a integral part of our team.                                             
  4. Dear Coworker,
    Thank you for always being a source of motivation and inspiration. Without you, we would be lost. 
  5. Dear Colleague,
    Thank you for being the brains in the boardroom and the life of every office party! You’re the glue that keeps our team together.

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