IT superheroes

IT Superheroes eBook

Though their powers might fly under the radar, there is a group of elite superheroes working within your office at this very moment. These tried and tested heroes are constantly at work, protecting you from disasters that would put your work in jeopardy. Want to know who these mighty heroes are? Simply walk over to your IT department.

That’s right. Every IT team is made up of a talented mixture of IT superheroes who join forces to fight against technological evil and offer support in the face of cyber disaster. Their super powers are all unique, and though they are strong individually, your IT superheroes are truly unstoppable when they come together as a team.

Although they rarely get the thanks they deserve, these IT heroes are all equally important to your company’s continued success. While these superheroes are a strong resource individually, they become unstoppable when they unite forces and come together to tackle an IT challenge.

Every superhero has a weakness and that’s why the strongest IT teams are those composed of superheroes with various strengths that balance and complement one another. By incorporating an assortment of different IT superheroes, you can unite your technical titans to create an unstoppable IT team that will flourish in the face of any crisis and protect your organization’s infrastructure from harm and dysfunction.

In PGi’s IT Superheroes eBook, you will get an inside look into the powerful heroes at work on your IT team. From Captain Composure’s ability to perform under pressure to Sixth Sense’s superhuman intuition, these IT stars are all essential to the continued success of your company.


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