PGi’s Quality Focus

At PGi, everything we do is motivated by our drive to satisfy our customers and our channel partners. In the UC&C space, your ability to satisfy clients hinges largely upon your ability to deliver outstanding quality in your products.

Quality is defined as the features and characteristics of a service that satisfy a customers stated or implied needs.  If the features don’t meet the needs, then quality is not present.  The better the features meet the needs, the better the quality.

Though quality has always been a top priority for PGi, we are renewing our dedication to quality and putting a larger emphasis on the quality focus as we look towards 2017. I began my tenure at PGi with one thing in mind: make sure the voice of the customer is heard loud and clear across our organization as we unite our quality initiatives into one streamlined effort that encompasses all aspects of our business.

My mission is to further cultivate and develop our quality-focused culture here at PGi and demonstrate continuous quality improvement across our global customer base. Our renewed dedication to quality begins with the customer. What is it that our customers expect, and what can we do to exceed those expectations? By listening to what our customers want and need, we can better focus our quality improvement efforts and broadcast the customer voice across our organization to ensure that all of PGi understands what is important to our customers in terms of quality.

Creating happy customers is a company-wide responsibility. With our renewed focus on quality, we are instituting new quality measures to ensure that our customers’ stories are broadcast across our organization so we can take quality and performance to the next level.

It takes 12 positive experiences with a brand to make up for one unresolved negative experience.  The customer experience is of the utmost importance to us at PGi and it is crucial that we take any feedback that comes our way and leverage it to create a better customer experience that is grounded in quality.

As Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager once said, “Customer service is not a department. It’s everyone’s job.” More than just a marketing endeavor, a positive customer experience involves conscientious effort from all departments, from customer service and product development to operations and IT. However, just 12% of B2B teams believe that their functional teams are strongly aligned via a focus on quality assurance and holistic customer experience strategy. At PGi, we want to unify across our organization and come together with the customer in mind. Our new quality focus begins and ends with the customer and, moving forward, our improvement efforts are exclusively directed by what our customers want.


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