PGi Unveils Alpharetta Office Redesign and Technology Advancements

With the New Year comes new changes, and PGi’s office in Alpharetta, Ga. is no exception. Recently, PGi unveiled some new design updates and expansions to its metro Atlanta area office. The expansion brings new opportunities to leverage and capitalize on the recent technology boom and abundance of technical talent that has been flooding the area in recent years.

“With more than 600 technology companies based in the area, Alpharetta is the optimal place to access and leverage top tech talent in the metro area,” said PGi CEO Ted Schrafft.

Furthermore, in order to continue its commitment to being a top global technology collaboration provider and employer, PGi has expanded its IT support footprint by adding Network Operating Center (NOC) capabilities to the office.

Through this addition, the company intends to further capitalize on the surrounding area’s tech talent as the company’s customer base continues to grow. The NOC will combine both customer and internal PGi IT support to continue to provide PGi’s praised technical support, at any time and in any location around the world.

“This redesign will allow us to extend even more support to our global customers and employee base 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Schrafft.

The redesigned office in Alpharetta is an addition to PGi’s current headquarters in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Ga. The updated space will house more than 150 associates including key IT, product, finance, sales and marketing functions. As a global leader and provider of collaboration solutions, PGi currently employs more than 300 associates in the metro Atlanta area.

Get an inside look at PGi’s redesign:


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