2017 Workplace Tech Trends

During a quick pulse survey, PGi surveyed customers and knowledge workers from across the U.S. to find out what type of technology they want to see in their offices in 2017. In order to fully understand and analyze this year’s workplace tech trends, PGi asked these front-line employees to provide honest feedback, and there were a few surprises.

The most wanted piece of technology this year was smart furniture (50 percent), followed by collaboration tools (44 percent), cloud-based sharing apps (38 percent) and intelligent automation tools (27 percent). And while employees cited these pieces of tech as the most desired, they indicated that the actual implementation of new technology was the biggest issue their company would face in 2017.

Further, when it came to the hurdles their company faced with adopting new tech, 78 percent cited budget as the number one obstacle to overcome, while 55 percent reported resources and 44 percent listed resistance to change as other major hurdles.

Check out the full infographic to see the results of this year’s workplace tech trends survey and let us know what you found interesting by joining the conversation on Twitter @PGi. Note: This infographic is no longer available.