5 Ways PGi Employees Show Their Customers Love on Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Valentine’s Day is typically associated with couples in love, but at PGi, we believe the love should be shared all around, from employee to employee and from employee to customer.

Our customers are our top priority at PGi, and we make a concerted effort to show our customers love, both on Valentine’s Day and throughout the rest of the year. Check out how some of our PGi employees show their love for their customers:

Olivier Debregeas, Sales Director, PGi

“I send birthday wishes to my customers along with a Starbucks card and a box of chocolate. I send the Starbucks card because I want to make sure he/she starts the day energized and the box of chocolate because chocolate has the potential to stimulate sensory pleasure and positive emotions.”

Karisma Olson, Account Manager, PGi

“I try to be myself. I send them funny memes and videos. I follow up with them and sometimes even send them cards on special occasions or just because I’m thinking of them.”

Angela Burciaga, Account Manager, PGi

“I show my customers love by responding to their requests promptly, following through, being honest and, most importantly, being their advocate.

Larry Cheung, Business Development Director, PGi

“I really look outside of the picture. I like the idea of having a partnership with my customers rather than just being a service provider and customer relationship manager. I not only discuss collaboration with customers but take it a step further and review their overall technology initiatives so I can better understand their full conferencing model.”

Carrie Norton, Sr. Account Manager, PGi

“I buy special note cards and drop them a line after we have conducted their quarterly business review as a way to thank them for their continued business.”


From friendly messages of support to a “just because” box of chocolates, our employees at PGi know how important it is to nurture their customer relationships and make their customers feel appreciated.

How do you make your customers feel loved? Tweet your customer appreciation tips to @PGi on Twitter.

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