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Customer Spotlight: GlobalMeet Helps Samantha McMahon & Team Pursue Their 2017 Goals

Here at PGi, delighting our customers is a top priority. We want to empower our customers to collaborate more effectively and ensure their voices are heard. Read on to learn about how GlobalMeet helps Samantha McMahon collaborate in the office and on the go in her role as a Lead Analyst for a leading supply chain organization:

Tell us about your organization and their strategic goals for 2017.

We are a global business leader in the surplus industry. More specifically, we provide consultative surplus asset management, valuation and sales solutions to maximize total supply chain value. For those unfamiliar with surplus management, it essentially means any idle or used equipment, returned goods and excess inventory an organization no longer needs. Our organization comes in and transforms this surplus into liquid opportunity. We are looking forward to a strong and successful year and will be reinforcing our motto: A Better Future for Surplus.

Can you tell us more about your role as Lead Analyst?

I work day-to-day with our clients and internal staff by providing client support and training on using our internal tools. 

How are you currently using GlobalMeet to plan, collaborate and organize for the New Year?

I mainly use GlobalMeet for conference calls/meetings, webinars, demos, recording presentations, training internal staff and our clients. GlobalMeet is a great tool that allows me to conduct my day-to-day duties, stay organized and plan out my month.  

How are others in your organization using it?

Other team members are also using GlobalMeet for conference calls and meetings. They especially like the screen sharing feature and seamless setup.

Do many teams in your company travel during the holidays? If so, do they join meetings via GlobalMeet from the road?

We have team members who are constantly traveling, so GlobalMeet has been an enormous help in that aspect – easy dial-in, hosts up to 250 attendees and clear audio every time.

What features specifically do you enjoy about GlobalMeet?

Above all, we love the crystal-clear audio quality. We also enjoy using the web component when needing to share documents or presentations. The platform is just so simple to use.

Do you typically use the mobile app or desktop app? Or join only audio?

Typically when at work, I use the desktop app because it’s linked to my Outlook with the plug-in. Sometimes, when I work from home, I often use the mobile app. Occasionally we will hold audio-only meetings.

What are some New Year’s Resolutions you have planned for 2017?

Try to be healthier, exercise more, chose the healthier option and get up and move more! As we get older, we need to work harder on our bodies to stay healthy. 


We are so glad to hear GlobalMeet makes our customers happy and more productive. Thanks for your support, Samantha! To see how GlobalMeet can bolster productivity, try GlobalMeet free for 30 days.