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PGi Debuts Mobile Collaboration Exchange for VoLTE Conferencing at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. Held annually in Barcelona, MWC brings together the brightest minds in the mobile industry and addresses the contemporary state of the industry and elucidates what its future might hold. At this year’s show, PGi was proud to introduce the mobile collaboration exchange, a high-definition (HD) Voice over LTE (VoLTE) proof of concept audio conference call in a partnership with BICS, a leading international communications enabler.

PGi’s CTO, Pat Harper, introduced the mobile collaboration exchange in a Power Hour session at MWC on March 2.

“With 36 percent of PGi’s audio and web conferences currently being accessed via mobile device, the mobile collaboration exchange comes at a pivotal time when enterprises are beginning to recognize this shift towards a mobile-first preference for conference calls,” said Harper. “PGi is excited to take our HD collaboration experience and extend our mobile collaboration exchange to network operators and their customers around the world.”

The mobile collaboration exchange leverages PGi’s existing global conferencing network and audio infrastructure to provide mobile operators a way to deliver an HD audio and video conferencing experience and maximize their existing investments in their VoLTE infrastructure.

Currently, mobile HD audio is only experienced on point-to-point calls, but by interconnecting to PGi’s platform for mobile collaboration— either directly or through an IPX — HD audio conferences can be experienced by any VoLTE customer on any network, in any country.

PGi’s mobile collaboration exchange is the first-of-its-kind and with VoLTE subscribers expected to rise from 488 million to three billion by 2021, the need for a high-quality VoLTE conferencing option has never been more present.

In the enterprise, 75 percent of voice usage is directly attributed to conference calls. In regions like Asia, where office space is hard to come by, mobile usage on conference calls jumps up to nearly 90 percent, as employees struggle to find a quiet corner of the office where they can take their conference calls.

The mobile collaboration exchange provides network operators a smarter way to maximize their investment in their network and infrastructure while providing their mobile users with top-notch audio quality and better conference calls with decreased background noise, greater intelligibility and less fatigue from straining to understand speakers with a bad audio connection.

To read more about PGi’s mobile collaboration exchange, read the full press release here.


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