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How Event Conferencing Can Elevate Your Next Call

Open communication between team members and executives can be difficult for companies, especially for those who operate on a global scale. And whether you’re hosting a quarterly town hall or an annual investor relations call, keeping the call professional and secure with reliable audio is critical to producing a flawless meeting.

When the stakes are high for transmitting important communication across the business, companies should consider the white-glove professionalism of operator assisted or event conferencing services.

What is Event Conferencing?

Event conferencing is service offered by a third party vendor that takes the guesswork and heavy lifting out of large audio conference calls. The vendor will offer a team of highly-trained professionals to ensure your event is flawlessly executed from beginning to end. Event conferencing services are best used for those hosting large-scale meetings that require secure and reliable audio connections.

Many large enterprises use event conferencing services for annual investor relations calls, executive and stakeholder meetings or town halls for the entire business.

How Can Event Conferencing Elevate My Next Meeting?

Event conferencing, like PGi’s own service, helps companies deliver a superior meeting experience for thousands of attendees across the globe. Regardless of the size or industry your company is in, event conferencing services can ensure that your meetings have a professional feel and produce a professional experience, regardless of location.

Far too often, companies are left to their own devices when it comes to hosting a large-scale call. That leads to unreliable audio quality, inconsistent billing and an overall poor experience for those in attendance. Event conferencing solutions can elevate your next meeting through a variety of white-glove services such as:

  • Event Invitations:

    Whether you’re meeting with 50 people or 15,000, handling the event invites for your next meeting in critical to ensuring your audience knows when and how to tune into your call. Event conferencing services, like sending invitations through email or SMS texting, are handled by your dedicated event conferencing professional. Some providers, like PGi, will also collect and send registration data as well so you can gauge the attendance of your meeting before it happens.

  • Full-Service Management:

    Depending on your provider, your event will be handled by one or more professionally-trained event specialists who will handle your meeting from beginning to end. Many services will personalize your events based on your company’s specific needs so you can focus on the message you’re trying to relay.

Your service may also provide you with the opportunity to interact with meeting attendees with Q&A or polling sessions to help you better engage with your audience. These types of services will also be fully managed by the event conferencing specialist during your meeting.

  • Secure Lines:

    Whether you’re reporting your annual sales to a large audience or updating your company on a new product that is launching soon, ensuring that your line is accessed only by those who have permission is mission critical to keeping your company’s information secure. Event conferencing services can password protect lines and review meeting attendees to make sure your call is secure.

  • Global Service and Support:

    Today’s workforce is becoming more disparate than ever before, and because of this, employees are connecting to calls from all over the globe. To ensure all of your attendees are joining the conference call with ease, event conferencing services will provide your company with a long list of international toll-free services with multi-language service and support.

  • Post-Meeting Reporting and Recordings:

    To help you better understand how your meeting performed, your event conferencing specialist can provide you with detailed reporting. PGi’s event conferencing service not only offers a comprehensive report of your event but also offers professional-grade recordings and event transcription with multi-language translations to ensure those who may have missed the call still have access to your meeting.

Event conferencing or operator-assisted calling services are incredibly important for businesses who need calls that are professional, reliable and secure. With operator-assisted calls, like PGi’s event conferencing, every call you host will be fully-managed by a professional, providing your company with a secure, reliable and consistent experience every time.

Ready to try event conferencing for your next call? Contact a PGi event conferencing specialist to learn more.

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