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How to Achieve the Best Audio Quality on a Conference Call

With modern technology, conference calls with poor-quality audio should be a thing of the past. Here at PGi, we are committed to providing the industry’s best audio conference quality. But there are things that you can do during your GlobalMeet® Audio meeting to ensure that you experience top-notch quality on your conference calls. Follow these tips to experience clear audio during every meeting:

Utilize Your Mute Button

Mute should be your best friend during a conference call. By using your mute button, you can eliminate participant background noise on your conference call and ensure a conference devoid of echo or static. For individual users, muting yourself is easy: simply mute your line and then “unmute” when you’re ready to talk by pressing *6 on your phone’s keypad, or by toggling the mute button next to your name on the meeting participant list.

Hosts can also use meeting controls to mute all participant lines or individual participant lines. This guarantees that the meeting audio is crystal clear, without distracting noises or feedback in the background of the call.

Consider Your Connection

With current mobile network offerings, cell phones can provide a subpar conferencing experience due to the variability in wireless coverage and signal strength, with audio quality further diminished when taking calls in a noisy environment.

If you have to take a conference call on the go, take your call from a quiet location and consider using a high-quality headset with a noise-canceling feature. Remember to mute yourself when not speaking to avoid distracting others with background noise.

Use the “Call My Computer” Feature

For superior audio quality on an audio conference call, meeting guests can utilize the “Call My Computer” method of audio connection with a USB headset.

Avoid the “Hold” Function

If you need to step away from your meeting, do not put your line on hold. Doing so may cause “hold” music to play across the entire conference. If someone on your call does make this mistake, simply mute their line using Audio Controls to prevent the conference from being overtaken by hold music.


By using the tips above, you can maximize the quality of your audio conference and ensure a productive, efficient call. And if all else fails, don’t forget that you can always press *0 on your telephone keypad to speak with a technical support agent who can assist you with any and all needs you may have.

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