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How to Prevent Background Noise on a Conference Call

Noise is more than just a workplace annoyance — it’s a stress catalyst. And distracting background noise on a conference call can certainly cause your stress levels to spike. Once background noise is an issue on a call, there’s not too much you can do to alleviate the issue.

The quality conference call is all about prevention; by thinking ahead, you can avoid problematic distractions like background noise by preventing them entirely. Ready to conference sans interruption? Here are some tips to help prevent background noise on a conference call:

Ensure a Quiet Environment

The seasoned conference caller knows that the environment you take the call in is crucial. Taking a conference call at your noisy desk or in a bustling coffee shop is a no-go; a noisy environment means it will be hard for you to hear your colleagues and your colleagues will have a harder time understanding you. Take your calls from a conference room if your desk is noisy, or use a mobile conferencing solution and find a better spot.

Don’t Forget to Hold

If your background is noisy, put yourself on mute. If you have seasonal allergies and are suffering from a sniffle, put yourself on mute. If there’s construction going on outside your office, mute. You get the idea.

Defer to Your Meeting Host if Need Be

The meeting host has the ability mute/unmute all participants or specific participants, so if you’re experiencing background noise on a call, the host can mute that participant and eliminate the distraction.

Put Your Devices on Silent

If you’re calling from your softphone, make sure your smartphone (and any other noisy electronic at your desk) is silenced so they don’t go off during your call.


By being proactive in your approach to eliminating meeting distractions, you set yourself up for successful communication and collaboration. With no background noise to hinder conversation, you can work smarter and faster thanks to a little bit of preparation.


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