The Risks of Letting Employees Lead the IT Agenda

We live in an era of ever-evolving technology that is changing the way we work and live. Our homes and offices are being flooded with a host of choices that will revolutionize how we work and play. But, with this deluge of technology, how does an IT team stay focused to understand the latest tools and applications while also balancing enterprise needs to drive innovation and technology?

Corporate IT departments face a daunting task: supporting and deploying the right mix of technology while upholding strict
security measures and ensuring that said products and vendors remain the right choice for their users and for the enterprise. And while measures may be in place to avoid rogue procurement from various teams in the business, today’s market is inundated with cloud-based technologies that make it easier than ever to bypass IT to implement the product a team may need to complete a project.

In this white paper, by PGi’s SVP Global Marketing, Leo Tucker, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize and define the risks associated with shadow IT
  • Maintain control of the IT agenda
  • Create a proactive strategy to ensure success

Download the free white paper, The Risks of Letting Employees Lead the IT Agenda ,  now to learn more about the risks of shadow IT and letting employees control the IT agenda.

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