Three Ways to Become a Better Presenter

Presentations and public speaking strike fear in the hearts of people everywhere. Whether it’s a presentation for a small board of stakeholders or speaking in front of hundreds about your company’s latest product, presentations can be uncomfortable and nerve-wracking. In fact, according to Statistic Brain, 74% of Americans fear public speaking. It’s the number one
phobia, with fear of death a close second at 68%.

While it may seem like an impossible fear to overcome, it’s a situation that most everyone will have to face at some point. So, to help you face that fear, we’ve put together three strategies to help you become a better presenter. Check out our SlideShare below for our tips:


It’s not all about you.

Fear of presenting, at its very core, is actually the fear of being embarrassed in front of a group of people. Approach your presentation with the mindset that it’s not all about you — it’s about your audience. Direct the focus on your audience, rather than yourself. By making it all about them, you’ll actually have a chance to communicate your message more effectively.

Presenting is a two-way street.

Your purpose is to effectively communicate an idea to your audience.  Presenting is a two-way street — when you engage your audience to comprehend your message, they recall the information, making your presentation more memorable. Focus on how you can get your audience more involved with your presentation; try live polls or Q&A sessions to break the ice.

Have fun.

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to have fun during your presentations. But by having a few laughs with your audience, you’ll create a relaxed atmosphere for your audience, which, in turn, will give you more confidence.

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