5 Presentation Tips from the Experts

If you want to be successful in the business world, being able to give great presentations is an essential skill that will help you stand out and get noticed for your ideas. Presentations are a great way to provide value and share input with your company. But presentations don’t always come naturally, and even the best presenter still has areas where they could improve.

So whether you’re a total presentation newbie or a seasoned presentation pro just looking to refine your skills, here are a few tips from presentation experts to help you step up your presentation game.

Start with a Good Template

According to Alan Goeman, the CEO of, it’s essential to start with a good template when creating a presentation. Pick a template that handles design choices like font, font color, size, object and chart styles and theme. By thinking about that at the beginning, you can focus on what’s really important: the content.

Speak to the Average Audience Member

Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence, recommends trying to speak to the average audience member and not focusing on the ones you most want to impress. Though an executive from your company might be in the front row, don’t focus on him. Try to speak to the mid-level employee a few rows back. It will keep you from getting too worked up or pressuring yourself.

Stick to Three Key Points

Jacqueline Whitmore from Entrepreneur suggests structuring your presentation around three key points. Pick your three main points that tell your story and make those the three pillars of your presentation. Start by introducing your three points, elaborate on each and then wrapping up by going over them once again. It makes your presentation more memorable and easier to understand.

Worry About Your Slides Last

TedTalk UX Lead and presentation pro Aaron Weyenberg says it’s best to save your slides for last. When preparing for a presentation, don’t even think about the slides until you already have a vision of what your presentation is going to sound like. You don’t want your slides to take center stage; you want your visuals to support a presentation that is already strong on its own. You should outline your structure, build up your argument with supporting points and practice your presentation. Once you’ve done all of the above, then it’s time to worry about your slides.

An Informational Image Is Worth a Thousand Words

It may be a cliché but according to Andrew Scivally from, when it comes to presentations, an image really is worth a thousand words. Most people are visual learners, and so the most effective way to convey your message is visually. Instead of worrying about choosing aesthetically pleasing images, focus instead on choosing informational images, like infographics, that teach your audience.


At the end of the day, giving good presentations is all about delivering your message in a clear, engaging way. By following the expert tips above, you are sure to give a riveting presentation that really sells your message and keeps the audience interested. So go forth, present!

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