“The Science of Sound, Part 2” White Paper: Noise in the Workplace and the Promise of Mobile Conferencing

The modern workplace as constantly awash with sound, from the chatter of colleagues to the clacking of keyboards. When focused, complex work is on your to-do list, the last thing you need is distracting background noises preventing your productivity. Noise can be a detriment to efficiency, and if you read The Science of Sound, Part 1, you already know that the sounds around us (and the quality of those sounds) can have a drastic impact on our work, health and even our overall well-being.

Our ears, unlike our eyes, don’t have a way to shut out stimuli. There is no equivalent to eyelids for our ears that allow us to shut out sound. Our ears are “always on”, constantly taking in the sounds around us and analyzing their meaning. And the sounds you experience while you’re in the office can play a significant role in shaping how you communicate, collaborate and concentrate.

In The Science of Sound, Part 2, we investigate how noise in the workplace can hinder your productivity and concentration —  and we will teach you how to deal with unwanted workplace noise. Additionally, you will learn how mobile conferencing empowers the worker on the go and can alleviate problems associated with noise and sound quality on conference calls. To learn more about how to maximize your productivity and cope with your noisy office, read The Science of Sound, Part 2 white paper.

Link: The Science of Sound, Part 2: Noise in the Workplace and the Promise of Mobile Conferencing

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