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Making Skype® for Business Better — White Paper with Frost & Sullivan

When it comes to business communications, there is no name quite as ubiquitous as Skype® for Business. Microsoft is a marked leader in the communications space, with 140 million licensed users on Skype for Business, with growth and adoption showing no sign of slowing down in the future. Frost & Sullivan estimates that as of 2016, Microsoft held a 50 percent share of all unified communications (UC) licenses. As is the case with most software and services, though, the benefit to the enterprise is only fully realized when end users exhibit optimal usage patterns. If end users either don’t know how to utilize all of the features or find the software too complex to incorporate into their day-to-day tasks, the enterprise is not getting the most return on their investment.

Skype for Business dominates enterprise communications, but it would seem that many Skype for Business users aren’t getting as much out of the platform as they could. There are a number of common pain points that arise from the Skype for Business experience, including:

  • Low employee utilization and engagement
  • Lack of support
  • Poor adoption of the standard Skype for Business meeting invitation, with no ability to customize meeting invitations
  • No easy meeting access for mobile users
  • Poor audio quality
  • Difficult integrations

Because the Skype for Business platform is so firmly ingrained into the corporate workplace, companies would be wise to partner with a trusted vendor that can provide value-add capabilities to enhance the Skype for Business platform and encourage increased user engagement.

PGi recently teamed up with Frost & Sullivan to examine how companies can make the most of their Skype for Business investment and alleviate their pain points by partnering with a vendor with add-on capabilities that facilitate productivity and end user satisfaction. To learn how to optimize your Skype for Business experience, read the white paper Making Skype® for Business Better today.

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