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Global Business Etiquette: Cultural Differences in the Office Around the World — Infographic

PGi recently conducted our Global Cultural survey, where we polled 800+ international responses to get a glimpse into how workplaces practices and business etiquette vary from culture to culture across the globe. One thing that came up frequently from our respondents was that differences in business etiquette and cultural norms often led to embarrassing interactions or cultural faux pas when traveling for business.

An informed traveler is a gracious traveler, and we wanted to start a cultural conversation here at PGi to help business travelers feel prepared for international travel without being intimidated by cultural differences. With our Global Business Etiquette infographic, you can get a glimpse of how regional differences can affect business interactions and take a peek into the office around the world.

This infographic is by no means comprehensive; if you are traveling to a foreign country, it is imperative that you do your own research into local customs and cultural nuances so you can be prepared to be a gracious guest at every turn. The Global Business Etiquette infographic, rather, serves as a stepping stone to more in-depth conversations about manners and etiquette. This infographic also demonstrates the beauty of an international business culture that allows us to be exposed to cultural customs and differences like those mentioned below, as the most meaningful interactions ultimately arise when we can come together and bridge a cultural gap to foster intercultural collaboration.

Big thanks to all of the participants in our Global Cultural Survey. Your feedback has helped us paint a picture of the international business landscape where we can come together and share what makes our own cultures unique with others. If you haven’t already, check out our first Global Cultural infographic to gain a deeper understanding of business etiquette around the world.

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