GlobalMeet 4.0 is Here

PGi announced that GlobalMeet 4.0 with Multi-Point Video (MPV) is officially here! With this new product upgrade, users can now experience an even more interactive and easy-to-use platform that can help improve the way users communicate and collaborate.

The video conferencing functionality allows users to make virtual conversations less awkward and drab and instead more interactive and “I am not a robot on a conference call!” feeling. Users can now easily enable multiple webcams in meeting mode, which puts team interaction and collaboration at the center of the meeting experience. Our new video features allow customers to have a smarter conferencing experience that automatically prompts users to mute their lines, adjust their volume levels, change their audio connections and enter/exit the without disruptions, resulting in fewer interferences during meetings.

Why is this an important change for you as the user? It’s simple. As the web conferencing industry continues to evolve, crystal-clear audio – although the foundation of any virtual meeting – is simply not enough anymore. A recent study by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, found that 93 percent of communication is non-verbal meaning there is a fine line between what we hear and what we see. If communication is more of what we see, then an emphasis on the visual elements of a meeting become increasingly important to the user’s ability to have a productive and effective conversation.

Recently, PGi’s Global Telework Survey found that 55 percent of non-teleworking respondents wished they had the ability to work remotely, meaning more professionals today are either working from home or wish they could. So, the question becomes: Can I have a virtual meeting that feels like I’m still in the office? This is and will always be a question that defines PGi’s core focus and beliefs. That’s why, as we continue to innovate and evolve our collaboration experience, we’re bringing users this enhanced functionality through multi-point video.

To find out more about the GlobalMeet and MPV and how PGi is enhancing our users’ online meeting experiences, check out GlobalMeet Collaboration.

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