The All-New iMeetLive

As a leader in collaboration, to meet the growing needs of our users and potential customers, we are constantly evolving and improving our services and products. Our latest product update news comes from our webcasting solution, iMeetLive. These upgrades are designed to bring enhancements and added functionality to continually improve the end-user experience.

The iMeetLive team released version 4.6.5 on September 8th, 2017 which features an improvement to the Live Studio “Q&A” portion of the webcast. Presenters are now able to organize audience questions by topic, category or speaker using custom tabs. Additionally, they can assign questions to specific tabs for greater control of their event. The iMeetLive upgrades ensure that speakers only see the questions they care about, which aids moderators with event flow and reduces question congestion. This makes it easy for relevant questions to get answered in real-time, and therefore doesn’t become a distraction for the presenter.

Furthermore, within iMeetLive’s Live Studio, “Presentation View” can now be used to display full-screen slides to audience members watching a live event in-person. When viewing slides in Live Studio, the option is given to ‘Open Presentation View’ which displays the slides in full-screen mode, and allows users to easily navigate through slides with added arrow-click functionality. This presentation update makes the focus completely on the content, and enables the live audience to receive a seamless webcast.

Finally, iMeetLive has upgraded its on-demand capabilities. New icons, buttons and tooltips make the interface much more intuitive and smooth animations have been added for a modern look and feel. Also, the timeline scrubber now stays in focus at all times while playing, and the user can move the scrubber to the edge of the timeline to rewind and fast forward through clips. Now, on-demand audiences or those wanting to re-play information can easily access and archive key points of the webcast which will greatly improve efficiency in post-event communication.

iMeetLive continues to evolve as an industry-leading webcast product that is designed to handle all things from corporate town halls and streaming events to product updates and demand generation initiatives. This webcasting solution is trusted by some of the largest enterprises and partners in the industry. iMeetLive makes it easy to create professional quality webinars and webcasts for audiences as small as 50 attendees to as large as 10,000 attendees. To improve your webcasting and virtual event strategy, sign up for a free iMeetLive demo today.

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