Conference Call Bingo – Let’s Play!

We’ve all been there – in the middle of a conference call when you hear the same cliché business terms and phrases being misused, over-used and spoken time and time again. Or even the nuances when collaborating via a web conference when you’re trying to co-present and you must ask the person hosting the meeting to advance your slides.

You know what we mean. You’ve heard them before – “How’s the weather over there?” or “I’m sorry I was on mute,” or “I’m going to kick it over to now” or my personal favorite, “No, no – you go ahead.”

Often, we hear these repetitive terms so much that we may tune out the person speaking as a result. A recent study around the psychological effects of “habituation” found that a person may learn to ignore a stimulus or sound because of repeated exposure to it. So, these cliché business phrases could be extremely counterproductive and translate to valuable information being miscommunicated or even lost. Most of the repetitive verbiage can be thrown away, so be proactive and plan ahead to make your meetings/presentations stand out from the usual. Consider adding visuals and clear transitions to avoid the habituation effect.

On the other hand, this lingo can often be unavoidable, especially if someone else continues to use it. Thankfully, PGi has got you covered. To help you stay focused, we’ve developed a fun LINGO BINGO game that will not only will encourage you to identify those commonly used terms, but also create a way for you to stay engaged and focused on the important content shared.

To play this game, click on the game board below. Don’t forget to pass it along to your colleagues as well so they can get in on the fun too! Also, feel free to tag us on Twitter when you win with #PGiLingoBingo!

Get to playing and enjoying more productive meetings!

About Luke M.

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