Drive Productivity with New GlobalMeet Features

PGi’s commitment to evolve our products to meet the changing needs of today’s enterprise stems from our dedication to our customers and creating a stellar user experience. In IT circles, the death of Flash is well documented by developers and software companies as the industry move towards HTML5. HTML5 allows developers to build more diverse and powerful websites and applications and it has an important impact on PGi’s communication platforms, since our portfolio is browser-based. With the latest GlobalMeet release, PGi is focused on moving to HTML5 and continuing to add meeting features that improve the user experience.

The first upgrade comes with the newly configured GlobalMeet desktop app. It now launches the HTML5 version with added audio-quality functionality. By eliminating flash from the toolbar and browser, users can experience a stronger call experience through VoIP. Since audio is the foundation of any good meeting, over the past 25 years, PGi has been continuously dedicated to making high quality audio a hallmark of our collaboration solutions.

With this new HTML5 update, there are noticeable changes to Phone Controls, including the VoIP Audio for meetings app. Through this feature, users can now test audio input and output sources when connecting their computer’s audio.

Additionally, PGi customers will receive added scheduling functionality for the GlobalMeet desktop app. Users can now integrate Google Calendar, among many other scheduling platforms, to add events, guests and send invitations out for easier meeting starts. This means that users will now be prompted to determine what scheduling platform suits their needs best, and be well on their way to effortless collaboration.

With these latest advancements, GlobalMeet continues to evolve as an industry-leading conferencing tool designed to handle – and help improve –  our customers’ audio, video and web communication experiences. Our solution is trusted by some of the largest enterprises and service providers in the world. To improve your company’s daily conferencing and virtual meetings, sign up for a free GlobalMeet demo today.

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