iMeetLive Updates Bring Enhanced Video and Security Features

Virtual events have always been a key tool to disseminate important company news and updates for global organizations. And with the growing demand for a more personalized workplace experience, video communications have quickly become a foundational element in businesses to help drive better interactions with both internal and external audiences. As a result, today we’re seeing virtual events are continuing to grow in popularity within enterprises of all sizes.

To provide improved functionality and to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with the best services possible, PGi recently rolled out some exciting new feature updates to our award-winning webcasting platform, iMeetLive. Highlights include:

Video Bridge Automated

Now, all video bridge webcasts will automatically feature adaptive bitrate (ABR) streams. Meaning, no additional configuration will be required to get your event up and running with speed and precision. ABS monitors CPU and memory capacity, automatically adjusting your video quality as needed to ensure a crystal-clear visual experience for your event participants.

Guest Presenter Account Updates

Also, your guest presenters can now access multiple presentation roles, including Live Studio and Reporting, from a single login, simplifying the access process. This update makes the presentation experience even more intuitive, streamlining the management process of your webcast.

Enhanced Security and Password Features

In staying ahead of the security curve, PGi has updated administrator account password requirements and strengthened the hashing algorithm used to store user passwords. The new requirements follow guidelines recently issued by NIST and will help ensure a more secure user experience for webcast administrators.

In addition to these updates, customers will now also have access to a webcam-only video bridge package, Scribe software integration, HubSpot analytics support and guest presenter PIN access.

PGi’s latest iMeetLive updates are all a part of our ongoing efforts to provide users with an intuitive, professional-quality webcasting experience that helps enterprises drive better business results.

If iMeetLive sounds too good to be true, schedule a free, personalized demo to try out our latest features for yourself!

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