PGi Named a Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace – Eight Years and Counting!

For the eighth year in a row, PGi is honored to be named a Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Every year, the Foundation recognizes companies around the world that are committed to offering added support and benefits to employees who adopt.

The Foundation is North America’s only non-profit public charity dedicated to finding homes for children living in foster care. Their main priority is finding loving homes for every child, and in doing so, recognizing the enormous impact a company can have when one of their employees decides to adopt.

“We are continually searching for employers who offer the most competitive adoption benefits in the country to highlight as examples of what we hope all organizations will consider for their employees,” said Rita Soronen, CEO of The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. “Employees often rely on company benefits to even consider adoption as an option to grow their family. We appreciate the employers who are leading the way in this arena.”

PGi’s Adoption Assistance policy provides both full-time and priority part-time associates with substantial financial support, reimbursement and additional paid time off. This includes agency/placement fees, legal or court fees and eligible travel expenses. The company’s benefits plan recognizes the many challenges parents face throughout the adoption process, and continues to be a helping hand to the associates who are achieving their dreams of starting or growing their families.

PGi is proud to be distinguished as one of the best-adoption friendly workplaces, and we are dedicated to continuing to support parents and children finding their forever homes.

To learn more about PGi and our employee benefits, please visit our Careers page.

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